MajorTom is an enterprise-class digital asset management solution that allows users to store, organize, tag, search, view, convert, download and forward all from their browser. You‘ll be surprised by its ease of implementation, astounded by its versatility, and amazed by its low monthly cost.
Robust Searching

The most complete digital library is worthless if you can’t quickly and easily find the assets you need. Finding those assets couldn’t be easier with MajorTom’s advanced, multi-layered search feature. This capability allows you to search for assets in a number of different ways:

Full-Text Searching – Search by the text in the file name, folder names, and the contents of the file.

Keywords – When an asset is uploaded, you can associate it with pre-defined keywords that are a powerful way to organize your assets and to locate them in the future.

Format-Specific Searching – You can select from almost 30 different format options.

Asset Properties – If you are looking for assets of a specific size or upload date, you can incorporate that into your search parameters.

Dominant Colors – Search for an image by a specific HEX color value or search by choosing the color.

Highly Configurable

The success of any technology solution depends on its adoption by the user community. With MajorTom, you’re in control of how the tool works, letting you configure it in ways that make sense for your organization. This unique configuration includes:

Folder Hierarchy – Assets are organized in MajorTom using a folder/sub-folder structure that is completely configurable.

Keywords – Keywords can be configured simply or in a complex hierarchy to mirror the way your business is organized. For example, you may wish to have keywords around brands, clients, product lines, locations, or business units.

Custom Metadata Fields – MajorTom allows you to define and standardize all the information that you want to capture for your assets. Through a simple interface, anyone with the proper permissions can create custom fields in a variety of formats (text, number, check box, radio button, dropdown).

Collections – Users can create personal folders, aka collections. These collections can be used to quickly access files that are used frequently by an individual or shared by a team. Items in a collection can also be shared with any individual by using the PIN function.

Unique Asset Sharing Option

Getting the right assets to the right people quickly and efficiently is a key benefit of digital asset management. MajorTom offers a unique solution for this requirement — an optional PIN feature.

The optional PIN code functionality grants temporary access to a specific asset or a set of assets. No user ID or password is required, which cuts down on the number of users you need to manage. You can also determine when a PIN code expires which allows you to tightly control access to your assets.

For example, a publication covering your new product may need access to two approved images for their article. Do you really want them accessing your digital asset management system to get these images? You could post the files to an FTP site, attach them to an email, or overnight a CD, but these can be time consuming, technically challenging or even costly. Giving them a two-day PIN code lets them get in and get the assets in the format they need.

Powerful Graphics Engine

MajorTom’s leading-edge graphics engine capability offers several significant advantages:

Store Once and Use Many – Storing multiple versions of the same asset is inefficient and leads to mistakes, which can ultimately have a negative impact on your brand. Organizations fall into the bad habit of storing multiple versions of the same core asset to accommodate different file format and resolution needs. But what happens when the core asset changes? Now you’ve got to locate and update all the different versions.

MajorTom addresses this challenge by allowing you to store each asset one time and having its graphics engine do an “on-the-fly” rendering of the asset in the format/resolution that the user needs at the moment the request is made. Worried about control? Don’t be. You can define the allowed formats and resolutions in advance so users can chose from only these pre-defined options.

Mobile Friendly

Asset management is now possible wherever you are with MajorTom’s iOS apps for both iPhone and iPad, you have a considerable amount of functionality right in the palm of your hand.

Upload from your device – Need to take a picture and get it into MajorTom? You can upload images directly from your camera roll.

Download the original file – No need to go back to your computer if you need to get to the file now – just download it to your device.

Forward a preview image – If you need to get a small version of the image to someone, chose this feature and it will be delivered by email.

Assign and send PIN codes – If you need to provide the file to someone who isn’t a MajorTom user, the PIN features allows you to send a link to the file. The recipient can then only download the file in the formats you’ve specified.

Give it a try! - Go to the App Store here and download either the iPhone or iPad app and you can connect to a demo server to get a feel for the functionality.

Asset Review & Approval with
Version Control

Need input from others? Need a sign-off? With MajorTom’s optional Review & Approval feature, you can now invite others to provide feedback and approve or reject one or many files.

Invite via email - Simply initiate the review and specify the participants. These participants do not need to be MajorTom users - anyone with an email can be invited to collaborate.

Online collaboration - After clicking on the link in the email, the collaborators can note the places where they wish to provide feedback. Multiple files can be sent out at once for review - no need for separate processes.

Approve / Reject - Each file can be annotated, has an area for comments, and can be approved or rejected individually.

Upload new version - Once this process is complete, it’s possible to upload a new version and begin the Review and Approval process again, if needed. MajorTom’s Version Control feature allows multiple versions of an asset to be stored and it’s even possible to approve the new version before it’s uploaded.

Seamless Desktop Integration

As a true enterprise solution, MajorTom was designed to be compatible with both PCs and Macs® via IE, Firefox®, Chrome®, and Safari® browsers. But unlike many other DAM solutions, MajorTom also offers desktop plug-ins to integrate with many of the day-to-day desktop applications.

InDesign® / Photoshop® / Illustrator® – Using this optional plug-in, designers can upload their images directly into MajorTom from the desktop tools they use everyday. Creative people can also add images directly from MajorTom into their design (PC & Mac).

File Management – With the included smartUPLOAD plug-in, you can upload one asset or an entire folder at once, directly from Windows Explorer® or your Mac desktop, with just a few clicks. (PC & Mac)

Microsoft Office® – Using the included officeCONNECT plug-in, you can insert objects into your documents, spreadsheets, or presentations directly from MajorTom. Or upload your file directly into MajorTom using just one click from within your MS Office application (PC only).

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